Purchase Information

Taiwan RDP & Taiya RDP

Thread Rolling Dies Purchase Information

  • Threading rolling machine type or model.

  • Dimensions of fixed and moving dies.

  • Request screw specification, screw sample, or screw related drawing. If the required inner and outer diameters of screws can be provided further, the thread rolling die will be produced according to the provided data. If you need to consult the inner or outer diameter, TAIYA will provide services.

Type Instructions

Type A: single face one-way (S×H×L1/L2×5°)

Type A: single face two-way (top and bottom)(S×H×L1/L2×5°)

Type A: double face two-way (S×H×L1/L2×double face holding angle 5°)

Type B: single face one-way (S×H×L1/L2)

Type B: single face two-way (top and bottom)(S×H×L1/L2)

Type B: double face two-way (S×H×L1/L2)

Thread Type Instructions

  • Thread rolling die required material and hardness

  • Other production requirements for thread rolling die.

Thread rolling die required material and hardness

Directions For Using Thread Rolling Dies

  • Please pay attention to the device of thread rolling die, keep thread rolling die and screw space parallel to each other, make the threading process stable.

  • Please use the proper size of thread rolling die according to the wire diameter. Using improper wire diameter may lead to a decrease in the life of thread rolling die.

  • It is suggested to use proper lubricating oil in the process of threading to reduce abrasion.


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